Voice of Youth Advocates


Famed horror author Ian Tremblin is conducting a literary contest to locate the next generation of young authors for writing of the macabre. Five promising finalists have been invited to spend the night with him at the reputedly haunted Daemon Hall where they will be judged on their writing and story-telling abilities. The writers are to bring only a bedroll and no electronic devices of any kind, including flashlights. Anyone too frightened to make it through the night will forfeit his or her chance of winning the contest. When Wade, Kara, Chris, Demarius, and Chelsea enter Daemon Hall, they sense that things are not quite right. As they read their stories aloud, strange occurrences begin to happen, and one by one, the finalists begin to disappear. While Daemon Hall unleashes its terror, someone will die and others will believe that they are insane. This horror story offers a twist-a tale of terror written within short stories told by the characters themselves. Each chapter alternates between reality and the writers’ tales. Readers will enjoy the stories’ different formats, from poetry to online chats. Some of the short stories do not cover new ground in the horror genre, but readers will get chills imagining the terrors that can exist after dark. Nance crafts a compelling novel by giving insight into each character’s secret fears as well as bringing the reader a dose of death, demons, and the paranormal. This book is a recommended purchase for public libraries with fans of the abnormal.