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I’ve been remiss in updating my website mainly because I haven’t had any new publications, but now I have three on the horizon with separate publishers and aimed at different age groups. From youngest to oldest, keep an eye out for:

The Kids from GHoST
It will be a middle grade graphic novel with M9 Publishing and art from the great Kevin Vassey, whose resume includes work on many of Dreamworks animated movies. In the story, Zoe Cousteau is nearly killed in a supernatural encounter. To try to understand what happened and why, she teams with a group of middle school ghost hunters.

A Young Adult novel published by Henry Holt Books for Young Readers. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this one to come to print. Cash Daltry excels at two passions, guitar and art. He likes to illustrate fantasy graphic novels that parallel what is going on in his life, and finding himself in a thrash metal band with a guitarist, bassist, and drummer from Hell, his life is in an uproar. Though not a graphic novel this one will feature some graphic novel elements.

Temperance or Blood Echoes or Echoes or…? (I haven’t selected a title yet, so those are possibilities that I’ve discarded, stay tuned for the final choice)
Aimed at adult readers and put out by Red Adept Publishing, follows private investigator Charly Bloom who, when she was thirteen, came face to face with a kidnapper and child killer and survived. Twenty-three years later she returns to her hometown in the mountains, Temperance, North Carolina to help solve a string of similar abductions and possible murders.

I hope you’ll read one or all of those, which should start making their appearances in 2018. It’s gonna be a good year. Cheers! (PS-Dyed my beard for the role of Ali Hakim in Oklahoma!)




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